Our commitment to excellence, compassion, partnership and integrity creates an environment of innovation and safety. One where we help professionals increase skills and become better prepared to navigate the complexities of their field—with confidence and care. We innovate collaboratively and harness cutting-edge technology to elevate the competence of learners.

Committed to excellence, compassion, partnership and integrity

Our team is committed to developing more skilled professionals who prioritize safety and well-being in their fields.

  • Customized programs for health care professionals, teams and students from varied specialties and disciplines.​
  • Hands-on experiential learning opportunities using highly realistic equipment and situations, including computer-driven adult, child and infant human patient simulators.​
  • Advanced task trainers for practice and demonstrating mastery of procedures.​
  • Audio-visual recording capabilities to enhance debriefing and facilitate reflective learning.​
  • Onsite programs available to any clinical site, classroom or conference center.​
  • Consultation during program planning and the evaluation process to maximize the effectiveness of the simulation experience.​
  • Expertise in the design, development, delivery and evaluation of simulation-based learning programs.​
  • Cognitive and psychomotor skill assessment using simulation-based methodologies.​